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Working Together to Create Special Ceremonies

You and I, along with your family, will create a celebration or memorial
 that best reflects what matters most to you.  

I believe that the special moments in your life deserve to be recognized and celebrated in a way that is meaningful to you.  Whatever transition you are marking - the birth of a new life, a joining of two people together, or the death of a loved one, you have an opportunity to move
forward with clarity and peace.

We can plan a ceremony taking well-loved, time-honored traditions - religious or non-religious - into consideration, and building upon them new traditions that make our lives meaningful today.

Your Celebration Should Reflect Your Values

What is important to you?
What elements do you want to have included in this special moment?
Who else will help you plan this event?

You and I will meet and come up with the perfect Ceremony that
will accurately express your personality.  All of your significant people can be
involved in the planning stages so that we can come up with a service that  celebrates your transition and celebrates it well. 

Serving Skagit and Whatcom Counties and
the Lower Mainland of BC

I'm centrally located in Bellingham and I am happy to provide
service in your area. 
Call me at 360-715-9570 or
604-839-7019 or
email me at tracy@bellinghamcelebrant.com 

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